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Why work with us on Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chains have become a matter of public concern globally since the pandemic. Now they are a matter of national security importance. This is as true for supply of food and energy resources as it is for sophisticated technologies or military equipment. 

Trade and Supply Chains have been weaponised and Dr. Rebecca Harding has been instrumental in defining this and its consequences for global trade finance. This experience gives us a unique perspective on where supply chain weaknesses arise and how to monitor and resolve them as they arise using data and artificial intelligence. It also gives us unrivalled understanding of the core problem allowing us to take C-Suite teams through geopolitical and supply chain risks in a “wargaming” format. This allows our clients to take a multidisciplinary 360 Degree approach that is tailored to their requirements for risk assessment.

Supply Chain Resilience in Practice

Our approach to Supply Chain Resilience is practically based on a principle that every single challenge is unique so the assessment and the solution has to be as well.

We work with our clients to help them construct data and analytical systems that will assess risk red-flags as they arise. We have an unrivalled knowledge of data sources for international trade, trade finance and trade flows, and for measuring and assessing sustainability in all its guises in international trade. We are uniquely placed to assess the role of trade and supply chain resilience in national security and financial services as a result.

We also run small-scale Trade War games around specific supply chain resilience issues. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Strategic Trade Advisory and Analytics

Our approach

Led by Dr. Rebecca Harding, an influential voice in global trade finance, we understand the strategic significance of resilient supply chains in today’s world. Leveraging data and AI, we detect and address unique supply chain vulnerabilities. Our expertise spans international trade, finance, and sustainability, ensuring a tailored, multidisciplinary approach to risk assessment. Explore our Trade War simulations for practical insights.

Strategic Trade Advisory
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