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Strategic Advisory and Training

We provide unique knowledge of trade, trade finance, sustainability measurement, data, geopolitics and geoeconomics as input into your C-Suite decisions.

Data and Technology Strategy

We provide unrivalled tailored perspectives on data solutions in sustainability, supply chain resilience, geopolitical and geoeconomics risk to develop your data, making it actionable.


Across the areas of sustainability, supply chain resilience, geoeconomics and geopolitics, we provide unique data-based insights, analysis and primary research to provide our clients with thought-leadership.

Public Speaking and Training

Rebecca speaks at roughly 25 external events a year, virtually or in person. She is well known for a clear and focused speaking style which is always tailored to the client audience, from financial services and trade through security and defence professionals to industry events in, for example most recently, the media, food and drink, automotive and logistics sectors. She runs trade war game simulations for strategic thinking training and is an experienced moderator.


Rebecca appears frequently on television and radio, speaking about trade, economics, finance and geopolitics. Recent appearances include Sky News, BBC News, BBC’s The Context, BBC’s Outside Source, Radio 5 Live Wake Up to Money, Panorama and Sky’s Ian King Show. She also appears frequently as a go-to voice for BBC World News, Radio 5 Live and Sky News on current affairs – especially in economics, politics and finance.

Research and Communications

We can help you across your strategic, data and research requirements, but would love to talk to you about speaking and moderation opportunities and media appearances as well.

Please email info@rebeccanomics.com or call +44-(0)1323 419924 to find out more.

Deutsche Bank Flow

Rebecca Harding is proud to write regularly for Deutsche Bank’s Flow Magazine and App


Rebecca Harding is supporting the ESG committee on its approach to capital compliance and stress testing in ESG. Read more

British Foreign Policy Group

Rebecca Harding is a Senior Research Fellow and supporting the British Foreign Policy Group in developing its work on British Trade Policy and Supply Chains. 

Read about the opportunities for the UK-Vietnam Trade corridor here

Read the submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee here

Read Rebecca’s summary of UK trade policy challenges here

World Trade Board

Rebecca Harding is a member of the World Trade Board. To find out more, click here

Club of Three

Rebecca Harding is a member of the Club of Three and speaks at their events.


Rebecca Harding is a member of the GTR Advisory Board

FSQS Supplier Qualification

Strategic Trade Advisory
and Analytics

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