An Eye In The Sky: How AI And Satellites Will Revolutionize Supply Chain Resilience

 The Fragility of Modern Supply Chains

As the pandemic and geopolitics have shown, global supply chains today are dangerously fragile. Disruptions ripple across the world quickly when key links break. But by combining AI analytics with real-time satellite data, companies will soon have unmatched visibility into potential breaks anywhere on the planet.


Satellite Data and AI – An Unmatched View From Above

Satellites like those from Maxar Technologies can provide incredibly detailed imagery of ports, highways, railways, and other logistics infrastructure worldwide. AI algorithms can then analyse these images to detect anomalies and events threatening flows. Satellite links also enable continuous data from in-transit shipping containers. This space-based snapshot enables proactive risk assessment unmatched by traditional supply chain data.


Building Resilience Through Predictive Visibility

With enough lead time, companies can reroute orders and shipments to avoid emerging trouble spots. They can also pre-emptively ramp up inventory buffers based on AI-predicted disruption probability. The ultimate result is supply chains with a level of visibility once reserved for military operations. As companies implement space-based resilience capabilities, global trade will grow far less fragile. The chain will only be as strong as its weakest link, but from the sky, even the weakest links will be clearly visible.

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